Donate for the EFM2024

We had a very successful and fun event for Easter 2023 at Hotel Bredeney. Thanks to your donations, the team has managed to put together a varied event.

Be it workshops, shows, the fashion show or other highlights.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed personally or made a donation to make this event possible.

Our goal is to continue to keep this series of events alive as a permanent event for you as the successor to the “Fetish Evolution Weekend”. And, we hope, a little better every year!

We are already planning for 2024. The first meeting with the hotel took place – but now it needs you!

No donations = no event!

We need a budget for contracts and to organize a program. Rooms cost money, technology, equipment etc. Therefore, the appeal to you to donate already now to make this possible again for all of us and to spend a great weekend together. Transparency is important to us, so we would also like to give you an overview of how your donations are used (see below).

Donate via Paypal

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Donate via bank transfer

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List of all expenses and income

2023-05-01Christopher Lutz50
2023-05-01P. Kohlhaas24.03
2023-05-01Tasmania + StarCollector100
2023-05-01Anja + Mario145.9
2023-05-01Licufera Moan48.4
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